Encore Multimedia Takes Video To New Heights

Dave with Inspire 1

In 2013, Encore Mutlimedia was the first marketing agency in East Texas to incorporate a quadcopter into its video production tools. “It was exciting when we purchased that first-generation DJI Phantom,” said Encore President Dean Waskowiak. “We were able to produce impressive video images from a bird’s-eye view opposed to having to hire a helicopter and special equipment that would cost our clients thousands of dollars.”

Now Encore can provide our clients a unique, affordable perspective of their building, facilities, grounds or events.

Today, Encore is flying the DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter, one of the most powerful quadcopters available for aerial video and photography. The Inspire (I1) features a camera that is not only aerodynamic, but is also capable of shooting cinema-quality 4K video and DNG (Digital Negative) photos.”

The Inspire 1 is more aerodynamic than other quadcopters, and its powerful engine lets it fly with more stability in windy conditions. Plus, its powered gimbal keeps the camera’s video rock steady. Dean continued, “Encore’s Inspire 1 quadcopter can provide our clients a unique perspective of their building, facilities, grounds or events that cannot be achieved with any other tool, and it is much more affordable than traditional aerial options.”

For more information, please contact Dean Waskowiak at 903-757-6111.

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Dave Stanton