What We Do Best.

The Encore Multimedia team works hand-in-hand with you to provide industry-leading marketing, advertising and PR expertise, a passionate commitment to excellence and of course, the creativity to deliver your message on point and on time, whatever the outlet. 

Strategic Marketing

Encore consults and performs in-depth research and analysis and uses it to build a strong foundation for your marketing strategy, integrating multi-layered media channels to deliver best results.

Digital Marketing

Encore Multimedia’s digital marketing is a convergence of leading trends, experience and knowledge to target key audiences and produce a demonstrable return on your investment. 

Media Placement

Strong media management is paramount at Encore Multimedia. It starts with solid research and strategic planning; followed by leveraged negotiations, smart placement; and measured results for maximum performance. 

Public Relations

Ready to make a name for yourself? Encore’s PR expertise can assist you in increasing brand awareness, managing a crisis, expanding influence and creating impactful relationships.


With Encore’s complete production capabilities, we create video content that delivers your message and breaks through the clutter without breaking the bank, from broadcast to digital and social media.


Cookie-cutter websites just don’t cut it. When the Encore team designs your website, you get a unique reflection of your brand, products and services that is responsive and mobile device friendly. 


Whatever the deliverable, Encore brings compelling design, a distinct voice and inventive solutions to every print project. 


We lift your brand above the competition by developing a long-term, consistent brand experience across all aspects of your business and marketing communications to strengthen awareness and increase market share.