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This time of year when you hear the word, “jingle,” you might think of the jolly old elf in a red suit, but today we’re talking about the use of jingles and sound trademark/logos (short distinctive melody or notes) to create a sonic brand for your company’s marketing.

Sonic branding can be used anywhere your marketing offers the opportunity for audio.

Sonic branding is an effective trigger to make your messaging stand out, tie emotional response to your logo or product, increase product recall and create those “earworms” or pieces of music/songs that we just can’t get out of our heads. There are many noteworthy sonic brands you already know—Oscar Mayer®, McDonalds®, Jell-o®, Coca-Cola®, and Red Robin®.

Sonic branding can be used in radio and television advertising, videos, websites, tradeshows, on-hold recordings for phone systems, and of course ringtones. Through social media, you can let your customers spread your sonic brand by offering it as a free phone ringtone.

Jingles generally are 15-30 seconds, while sound logos or trademarks are usually much shorter, i.e., Intel’s sound logo is only four notes long. The cost of creating an original jingle or sound logo varies in price depending on the level of production and time involved, but is often more affordable than you may think.

So the next time you catch yourself humming a catchy jingle or sound logo, remember that Encore Multimedia can help you develop your own sonic brand.

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