Mobile phones are the new personal computer

Mobile phone in a woman's hands

Does my website function properly and still look professional on latest devices?

How well does your website work on a phone?

Statistics show that mobile phones are the new personal computer:

  • Last year smartphone sales overtook PC sales (two years earlier than expected)
  • On average, four Ferraris are sold every month via mobile phones
  • Mothers day 2012 - 50% of all online sales came from mobile devices
  • eBay sells something via a mobile phone every two seconds
  • 25% of mobile Web users ONLY use their phone to access the Internet (They rarely use a desktop to go online)
  • In three years time, tablet sales will be bigger than PC sales

Mobile sales are continually increasing, but so are sales of tablet devices such as the iPad & Kindle Fire. With more people accessing the Internet on smaller devices, each with varying screen sizes and usability, one must ask themselves, “Does my website function properly and still look professional on the latest popular device?” 

The Solution

At Encore Multimedia, we provide the solution of ONE website that is programmed and developed for ANY device and to fit ANY screen. It is called a responsive website and hence the name, it will respond to whatever strange gadget someone might be using to view your website. This means that in the next couple years, your website will still function optimally and look great on the latest popular device, regardless of its size. Of course, it will still look just as good on a regular desktop computer.

We have recently had the opportunity to work on a number of responsive sites which include:

The latest is Mobberly's Crazy Big Mission responsive site

View our portfolio section for more examples of our work!

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