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Stephanie McConnell is an education leader, former superintendent and elementary school principal, and successful entrepreneur with a passion for helping others. Throughout her career, she realized that there are not many recourses for principles or educational leaders, so she created Principal Principles, a blog where she shares her experiences and helpful tools. 

Stephanie also uses the blog to promote her helpful and inspirational products, which include an e-book, online courses, WIN Time software, and the best best-selling book: WIN Time, Fearlessly Transforming Your School, which she co-authored her colleague with Morris Lyon.

To promote Stephanie and her products, Encore developed a strategic social campaign for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. After a month and a half, the results of the campaign are impressive. The Principal Principles Facebook page followers are up 52%, and Stephanie’s product revenue has dramatically increased.

“The quality of work and creativity behind it all is very thoughtful and exceeds my expectations… Thank you for creating a great culture at Encore and all that you and your team does for Principal Principles.”

Stephanie McConnell, Principal Principles

Stephanie is excited about the momentum that Encore brings her rapidly growing business and is extremely satisfied with the creative work we have produced.



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