LISD Year Two Teacher Recruitment 30-Second Spot

Choose LISD Year Two

Longview Independent School District is all about Education with Purpose. As a district of innovation, LISD looks toward the future, working to preparing students for jobs that have yet to be created and fulfilling the future needs of the 21st-century job market. Its district-wide charter school program with five magnet campuses takes education to another level, providing opportunity for all by giving out-of-district students the ability to attend any Longview school that may align with their educational and career goals.

“Every student deserves the highest quality education that can be provided to them in a public school sector.”

 - Nikita Mumphrey, Principal Bramlette Elementary

In 2020, LISD entered into the second year of its “Yes, I Can – School of Choice” five-year campaign. Encore Multimedia kept the momentum going by increasing awareness of LISD through the many award-winning programs that its Magnet Campuses offer.

Encore wrote, designed, and produced content focused on educating and inspiring area families, businesses, and the community on the substantial benefits of choosing LISD. Positive messaging concentrates on the many reasons parents and families should Choose LISD and promotes LISD’s exceptional educational opportunities for its students with world-renowned programs such as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Montessori, along with its invaluable dual credit and vocational training programs.

Encore emphasized these world-class and well-known programs and their many benefits through traditional and digital channels, educating the community on how an education at LISD prepares confident, lifelong learners, high academic achievers, and skilled graduates entering the workforce with livable incomes. 

“It was very nice to know that here in East Texas we are able to get an education that was on par and even better than so many students could get all over the world.”

- Christopher Guck, LHS Alum and IB graduate

To promote the STEAM, IB, and Montessori programs, Encore developed numerous marketing assets ranging from video and print to digital and visited individual campuses to capture photography and video used throughout the year-two marketing assets.

LISD Year Two Teacher with Magnifying Glass Photography
LISD Year Two IB Classroom Photography

Encore captured footage and interviewed LISD faculty, staff, students, and parents to produce long-form videos and paired the footage with 2-D animation to create several lively 30-second spots for traditional TV with coordinating audio for radio, promoting the individual programs.

LISD Year Two Montessori Video 30-Second Spot
LISD Year Two IB Video 30-Second Spot

Billboards for STEAM, IB, and Montessori were placed throughout Longview. Encore also created “Education with Purpose” ads printed in the Longview Chamber of Commerce Every Child Has Access in both English and Spanish.

LISD Year Two Billboards
LISD Year Two English and Spanish Chamber of Commerce Ads

A large part of the year two campaign focused on an extensive digital marketing campaign that included Google Search Ads, prospecting/re-targeted and geo-fenced display, YouTube, Connected TV (OTT), and HULU. With its unique ability to be agile and nimble, digital marketing quickly became a substantial part of advertising amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Encore utilized the capabilities of digital marketing during stay-at-home orders and the closure of movie theaters and school campuses to target a more expansive audience through online channels and video streaming services.

LISD Year Two Banner Ads Digital Display

There are a wide array of programs available for any student who chooses to attend Longview ISD. The year two campaign highlights the many opportunities available for students and how these opportunities create a purposeful, meaningful education that opens a world of opportunity and shapes our children’s futures.

“Longview is just a great place to be if you want to be prepared to advance the rest of your life, in whatever you want to do.”

- Dr. James Wilcox, LISD Superintendent of Schools


LISD Year Two STEAM Video 30-Second Spot