MyPlates We Got That Video 30-Second Spot Hero Image - We Got That!

As part of the MyPlates “We Got That” campaign, Encore Multimedia produced a set of traditional and digital videos to be aired across the state of Texas with concentrations in the large metropolitan areas of Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. The spots are strategically placed on traditional broadcast TV, cable, DISH, Connected TV (OTT), HULU, and YouTube, ensuring that viewers see the spot regardless of how they watch video.

The 30-second spot features an overview of the 450+ plates and customized messaging available at Encore produced an additional seven 15-second spots, each concentrating on a specific message, from great pricing, layaway, and multiyear savings to popular plates, colleges, and professional sports plates.

All eight spots drive traffic to the website, where you can build and customize your official Texas license plate. The new site is designed and developed by Encore and created to be responsive and easy to use. 

View the spots and see why no matter what type of personalized license plate you’re looking for, “’s Got That!”

MyPlates We Got That Video 15-Second College & Cowboys Spot
MyPlates We Got That Video 15-Second Military & Causes/Layaway & Multiyear Savings Spot
MyPlates We Got That Video 15-Second Classic Black Spot