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First National Bank of East Texas

Together, We're Better

When First National Bank of Gilmer approached Encore about rebranding the company, they had 10 East Texas branches with four different names and logos. The lack of branding consistency was confusing to customers and created unintended competition between its branches.

FNBETX Previous Bank Logos

As a result, the company decided to unify all its banks under one name, First National Bank of East Texas. 

To promote the unification of its branches, FNBETX needed a new logo. This logo needed to speak of the bank as modern, personal, and innovative to draw in a younger demographic of customers and communicate the company's commitment to customer relationships and service. The logo also needed to be easily recognizable, ensuring long-term customers that the banks are still under the same management.

As part of the branding and logo design, Encore worked with FNBETX to compose a list of the company's core values, which are used throughout the rebrand. 

FNBETX Core Values

Using these values and other preferences set by the company, Encore designed 10 different logos options, which were presented to the bank. 

FNBETX All Logo Options

The logo chosen by the bank, option B, embodies all that the FNBETX system of banks represents: the small, red diamond represents the company's focus on customers; the larger, middle arrow represents the bank and its ten branches; and the third, smaller arrow represents the bank and its customers moving forward together.

FNBETX Logo Variations
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