Goat Cheese Packaging

Haute Goat Creamery

Rebranding & packaging Haute Goat for a larger market.

Based out of East Texas, Haute Goat Creamery produces high quality artisan goat-milk cheeses that are known for their old-world European traditions and palette pleasing flavors. Before these artisan cheeses were chosen to hit the shelves of a major grocery chain for the first time, Haute Goat owner Laura Vanderbilt needed to figure out how to make the Haute Goat packaging impress grocery store buyers and stand out from the other artisan cheeses on the shelves.

Encore’s design team strategically created a new label design to help Haute Goat’s distinguished, artisan cheese stand out from the competition. Just like their products, the new label exudes a sense of fun and fancy with bold, readable text. The original goat was included in the new design as a nod to the origins of the brand, but the overall look of the new label now appeals to a broader audience with a clean, modern design. Each flavor features its own label color with the names printed boldly at the top. This allows for the visual elements of the packaging to stand out from the rest of the cheeses on the market, helps make the product memorable for return shoppers, and sparks consumers’ curiosity with the eye-catching visibility of the unique flavor names.

Boasting their new label design, Haute Goat Creamery continues to grow and add flavors of artisan Chevre cheeses to their inventory for the taste bud thrill-seekers around the world. 

Haute Goat Creamery Logo
Haute Goat branding colors
Haute Goat Packaging