Cowboys Stadium monitor

MyPlates Auction

MyPlates Cowboys Stadium Auction

MyPlates is the go-to website for Texans to get their customized vehicle license plates. The first ever MyPlates auction was launched at AT&T Stadium with great success, earning over $5 million in press coverage and hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to charity.  Encore handled everything from promotion to creating the necessary graphics for the event itself. Flyers, brochures, television commercials, signage, and monitor video were among the items we produced. 

MyPlate with Pickin and man playing guitar
logo on giant monitor
Cowboys Cheerleader and man in cowboy hat with auction ticket

The most expensive message sold at a MyPlates auction was, “12THMAN” which sold for $115,000!

Man viewing license plates
Cheerleader holding a license plate
College fans with license plates
MyPlates auction action