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Andy Mack for Longview Mayor

As an Encore Multimedia client, Andy Mack had a very clear objective – become the next mayor of Longview, TX, so he could serve and give back to the community where he grew up, started his own medical practice and business and raised his own family.

“I felt that they were invested in my success.”


Though Mack had served nine years on Longview’s City Council, he had been out of mainstream politics and the public eye for nearly a decade, while his opponent was a current member of city council. It would be a close, heavily contested election.


Official announcement
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Encore worked hand-in-hand with Mack to develop an integrated, strategic marketing and public relations plan that began with an aggressive social media and digital marketing presence, as well as a fully developed website that went live on the morning of Mack’s candidacy announcement.

Social media played a major role in the campaign and helped to create an early lead for candidate Mack, whose lead in the election continued to increase through the use of geo-targeted digital media advertising, boosted posts, email blasts and web-based videos. Incorporating more traditional outlets, Encore also wrote and produced broadcast television spots, designed the campaign’s look and logo, and created print ads, direct mail and collateral campaign materials (voter letters, door hangers, yard signs).

Social Media played a major role and created an early lead for Mack.

Encore also provided PR support – press conferences, press releases, speech writing and platform messaging. In addition, Encore created and developed the concept of “Letters for Longview,” based on a Mack family tradition and along the same veins as FDR’s “Fireside Chats.” These homey letters showcased the candidate’s platform in a humanizing way and appeared in print and in digital media.

Facebook advertisements
Yard signs


Andy Mack was sworn in as Longview Mayor on May 18, 2015. Due to positive response during the campaign, Mayor Mack has continued writing “Letters for Longview” and has also taken advantage of the thousands of “likes” created on his campaign Facebook page by transitioning the page to offer a direct line of communication for the public. 

 “The experience and talent of the team at Encore Multimedia made a real difference. I was impressed by their ability to develop and create effective messaging and marketing assets and put together a winning strategic marketing plan. I felt that they were invested in my success.”—Longview Mayor Andy Mack

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