Various People of Good Shepherd campaign

Good Stories with Great Outcomes


Good Shepherd Health System is dedicated to improving the health of the communities it serves and being the health system of choice for people by setting the standard for health, wellness and state-of-the-art healthcare in East Texas. Good Shepherd chose Encore Multimedia to be their marketing and advertising partner. Encore created the brand image campaign for Good Shepherd, “Our Name Says Good. Our Care is GREAT.” As part of the branding image, Encore was tasked with helping GSHS increase awareness for all of its primary service lines.

The campaign has received astounding community feedback in the service areas.

A testimonial campaign was chosen with the theme, Good Stories from Good Shepherd  because research shows people’s stories are 20 times more memorable than fact based ads. The testimonials featured the experiences of ten real life patients with Good Shepherd doctors, specialists and medical staff and the successful results of their care.

Newspaper Ads

Our team created 30-second TV commercials and longer videos were created with each person telling their story along with doctors and other medical staff. Stories covered a wide range of medical specialties and services offered by Good Shepherd, such as the cardiovascular specialists who treated Katie Bradford, a 31 year old, physically active adult, who suffered a stroke but - thanks to the expert treatment she received from Good Shepherd cardiovascular doctors - survived and lives a normal life today.

The Dunnahoo Twins, two babies born prematurely who needed the specialized care of the NICU at GSMC and today are happy, healthy and active children.

John Rainer who is successfully managing his Type II Diabetes with the help of Dr. Noman Saif.

Carol McKinney, diagnosed with breast cancer she fought back with the assistance of The Breast Center at Good Shepherd, and won!

Brandon on a four wheeler


Encore Multimedia created a complete campaign using digital media including:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google Search

The patient’s long form videos are featured on the Good Shepherd Medical Center website as both a featured story on the hospital’s main page and in the Good Stories archive.

Traditional media i.e., newspaper, radio and TV ads were also created, with extensive schedules purchased in the Longview, Tyler and Marshall media markets. All print media complimented the videos using photography shot at the video production locations.

The long form video stories of two women who received cardiovascular care were featured at an annual luncheon, “Go Red for Women,” to support women’s heart health.  The event is attended by thousands of East Texas area women and men. Good Stories about two breast cancer survivors were featured at another annual luncheon/fashion show called ”Think Pink,” part of a national campaign on breast cancer prevention for women.

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The campaign has received astounding community feedback in the service areas. Doctors and other medical staff report increased awareness by their patients and people in the community who specifically comment on the stories they’ve seen.

Besides the long-form videos featured at the luncheons, Encore Multimedia also assists with the staging and both luncheon events have grown from just a couple of hundred attendees to thousands that now fill the city’s convention and meeting facility.

Patients would specifically comment on the stories they've seen.

“These stories demonstrate, in a very real way, the great care patients have received from our outstanding group of physicians, specialists, nurses, and medical team. In bringing these stories to life, Encore Multimedia captured the true meaning behind, “Our name says good, our care is Great.” Working with the professionals at Encore has enhanced the reputation of the GMHS in the community and focused people’s attention on what matters most to us, improving the lives of patients as well as the overall wellness of the communities we serve.” –Steve Altmiller
, President and CEO Good Shepherd Health System