Britt's Wine and Dine

Finding growing success in his wine pairing and tasting events, Britt Davis turned to Encore Multimedia to give his brand a fresh look and develop a landing page for his business. He wanted a logo that communicated his passions for fine wines and savory foods and needed photography to showcase the excitement of his social events on his landing page.


Britts Wine and Dine Logo

Encore created the tagline Sip. Savor. Socialize. and worked closely with Britt through both the design and website development processes. The final logo is modern and clean with a color-palate of earthy wine tones that are as rich and sophisticated as the wines he serves, and bold lettering balances the logo’s refined, elegant lines.

Britt's Wine and Dine Landing Page

The landing page, written, designed and developed by Encore, features the logo and branding colors, along with crisp typography. To fully represent the experience of Britt’s events, Encore had the pleasure of attending a lively wine blending and steak dinner where we procured photography for the landing page.

Britt's Wine and Dine Photography 1
Britt's Wine and Dine Photography 2

We invite you to experience Britt’s Wine and Dine through his new landing page, where you can almost taste the richness of his events.