Kilgore College - Making it Easy to Give

The Kilgore College Foundation is a support organization dedicated to providing financial support for the programs, activities, services, scholarships, and capital improvement initiatives of Kilgore College. The organization needed a platform for online donations, scholarships, and other project campaigns to aid in expanding its philanthropic activity.

Kilgore College Foundation needed a platform for online donations, scholarships, & campaigns.

In response to these needs, Encore Multimedia designed and developed a responsive and easy-to-navigate website where visitors can learn more about the Foundation and the many options they have in giving to the organization. 

Give to a Scholarship

We worked closely with Kilgore College to design a site that visually appealed to a wide audience of potential donors and greatly simplified the donation process. Our primary goal was to make the website as friendly and easy-to-use as possible. A good website knows exactly what it is going to be used for and focuses on those key aspects. The homepage gets right to the point by showcasing each of the programs that the Foundation supports.

Encore is honored to have teamed up with Kilgore College for 20+ years, producing numerous video and radio spots, digital, print and social media ads, and has worked closely with the college on its “Your Future Starts Here” student recruitment campaign.