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KVNE & Encouragement FM

A Growing Ministry
Encouragement FM (89.5 KVNE and 91.3 KGLY Christian Radio) is the Voice of Hope throughout East Texas, impacting thousands and thousands of lives every day through its ministry, mission, and music.

In order to meet the growing needs of the stations and the communities it serves, Encouragement FM planned to launch the first-ever capital campaign in its 30-year history to raise funding for a new building and modern broadcast facility. 

KVNE DJ Mike Harper

Reaching Out
Encore worked closely with Encouragement FM to develop marketing goals, a strategic plan, and determine the tools necessary to reach those goals.

The tools included two collateral print pieces that could work together or as stand-alone elements. The first was designed to be evergreen, for use during and beyond the campaign, and focused on sharing with potential donors—EFM’s mission, history, award-winning excellence, and impact on the East Texas community. “Hope” was a unifying theme throughout the piece, with a strong emphasis on a clean, graphic design. A special folder die cut was added to the front inside cover for insertion of letters, donation forms, DVDs, and business cards.

KVNE & KGLY bring hope to thousands of people everyday.

The second print piece was slightly oversized, allowing both print elements to seamlessly blend together into one design. The campaign-centered piece focused solely on the capital campaign, providing snapshot looks of the vision, goals, and suggested levels of support for the campaign. It also featured an audio button along its edge that played a short sampling of the station’s programming and emotional testimonies from people whose lives had been changed by Encouragement FM. 

Campaign book cover
KVNE booklet covers
Booklet testimonial spread
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Good Prevails
With materials in hand, the campaign kicked off, and Encouragement FM’s Board and management team made presentations to a targeted group of community leaders, foundations, and potential major donors and response was swift and positive. Troy Kriechbaum, President and CEO of Encouragement FM, said, “We have exceeded our initial campaign goal of $1.9 million! God truly provided some great friends of the ministry who stepped up with sacrificial gifts and their generosity will mean that we can spend less time fundraising and more time impacting lives with the message of God's love.”

“We have exceeded our initial campaign goal of $1.9 million!”

“The quality, clarity, and top-notch nature of the campaign materials produced by Encore really helped position our campaign and our ministry as an organization producing excellent results for God and positioned for even better results in the years to come.  For those who were familiar with our ministry, the campaign materials provided affirmation that their previous monetary commitments were producing fruit.  It made them proud (in a good way) to be associated with this Kingdom work. For those who were not familiar with our ministry, the campaign materials afforded us instant credibility as a ministry of integrity, longevity, and excellence, and whose direction was sure and whose mission was clear.” 

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