Peter Hebein


Peter (or Pete as he prefers) is a true renaissance man. In this fast-paced, modern world, he incorporates his classic style and tastes, from fedoras to vinyl LPs, into everything he does. 

As a young lad, Pete discovered his passion for animation and creativity after receiving a Disney animation kit for Christmas. His favorite cinema masterpiece, Toy Story, fired up his curiosity about the animation process even further, and he went on to receive a degree in digital media/animation from East Tennessee State University. Pete's career has taken him from working on multiple jobs doing 3D animation and visual effects to becoming more of a generalist and Encore Multimedia's editor and 3D artist.

What you may not know about me is

Many moons ago, he practiced the art of sushi making to make ends meet before breaking into the video industry. He also has a high standard for pizza being from Chicago.

What I really like to do is

Study languages.

My perfect day

Kicking back with friends and family and enjoying a good movie or anything creative he can get his hands on.