Taylor Cammack Portrait


Taylor Cammack is a web developer who brings a focus on front-end technology and design to Encore’s web team. For nearly a decade, he has expertly created web solutions for a variety of organizations ranging from churches to newspapers. 

Graduating from Kilgore College and the University of Texas at Arlington with degrees in journalism and communications technology, he is constantly learning and always evolving his approach to creating experiences on the Internet.

What you may not know about me is

Though I was born and raised in Texas, I’ve had a lengthy foray in the state of Ohio where I was instructed that the correct verb for “to throw” is “chuck” not “chunk.” And, though the Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs are closest to my heart, The Ohio State Buckeyes will always be in the top five.

What I really like to do is

Spend time with friends and family, cook (especially for and with friends), camp out on the porch with a good book, and maybe a little bit of writing here and there. Cats are also wonderful.

My perfect day

Spending time doing what satisfies the soul, whatever that may be that day…Saturdays will also work.