Amanda Lewis Portrait


Amanda is determined to see Encore’s clients thrive and grow on Social Media and beyond. She brings with her a creative flair from writing fiction and a lengthy history in art and design, as well as a background in analysis and research. 

Prior to joining Encore, Amanda worked as an independent creative writer, and freelance seamstress and fashion designer. She also spent several years as a bookkeeper, managing AR, AP and payroll. Amanda earned a B.A. Degree in Art History from the University of Houston. 

What you may not know about me is

That I have a strange fascination with quantum physics. I am also currently in the editing phase of a novel.

What I really like to do is

Create anything and everything, from short stories and novels to paintings and elaborate costumes.

My perfect day

Happens at least once a year! I camp out with my daughter and husband and then spend the day at the renaissance festival. We’ll dress up, feast, enjoy shows, and meet new and interesting people!